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                         ABSENTEE BID POLICY


CARRITHERS AUCTION  IS HAPPY TO ACCEPT YOUR ABSENTEE BID. If you wish to bid on an item on any of our auctions and cannot attend the auction in person simply e-mail or call Carrithers Auction and let us know which item(s) you wish to leave with an absentee bid.


Your bid will be treated as a Proxy bid, meaning that our staff will bid for you as if you were in the crowd bidding for yourself. The attending bidders will open the bid and our staff will bid for you in the same increments that the attending bidders are raising. If your absentee bid is high bid at the fall of the hammer, you will pay what the last bid on that item.


We will not enter your bid as the opening bid and will not raise the bid to your high bid just because we know your high bid. Please feel confident in leaving the maximum bid you are willing to pay for the item and we will buy that item for you at the best price possible. It is our feeling that by treating absentee bids in this manner we are working in the best interest of our sellers by getting them at least one more bid on their items then they would have received if we had not accepted your absentee bids.




When placing an absentee bid we request that you furnish the following:


1. Description of the item(s).


2. Your name, address, daytime, evening & cell phone numbers.


3. Banks name, phone number & contact officer.



Bidder also agrees he is purchasing the item(s) “as is” and has satisfied himself as to the condition. All sales are final.



By using this service, the bidder agrees to the following terms:


1. Bids must be received at least 84 hours before the auction by either

     e-mailing to jimco@pld.com or telephone at 620-492-2329.


2. Bidders will be expected to send check, money order or

    wire transfer funds for the amount of their bid immediately to

    Carrithers Auction, Box 121, Johnson, Ks 67855


3. A $30.00 return fee on any check that does not clear the bank for

    any reason will be charged.


4. Carrithers Auction reserves the right to not bid for absentee bidders

     for whom we do not receive payment in advance.


5. Item(s) may not be removed until full payment is accepted and is

    deemed good funds by Carrithers Auction’s bank.


 6. Unsuccessful bidders will have their money returned to them within

     24 hours after the auction. Successful bidders will receive the

     difference between their bid & the actual bid if such difference occurs.


If there are any questions, please feel free to contact Carrithers Auction

at 620-492-2329






Contact Information:

Carrithers Auction and Real Estate Service
Telephone: 620-492-2329
FAX : 620-492-2699
Mailing Address
PO Box 121
Johnson KS. 67855
Street Address
120 S. Main St.
Johnson KS.
Electronic mail
General & Sales Information: jimco@pld.com
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